5 Missouri Wine Trails You Can’t Miss

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Are you interested in scenic road trips? Are you interested in wine? If you’ve answered yes to one or both of these questions, you’re in luck. For your next trip, consider going to Missouri to visit a Missouri wine trail. Enjoy a beautiful Missouri winery and taste some fine wine.

Each of these wine trails is unique and has so much to offer, so put on your walking shoes because you can’t miss these 5 Missouri Wine Trails:

The Ozark Mountain Wine Trail

The Ozark Mountain has some of the oldest and largest wine regions in the country. You’ll love the diverse wines, which range from American and Hybrid grapes. You can also try mead made straight from Missouri Beekeepers, and fruit wines made from fresh Missouri fruit.

The Ozark Mountain Wine trail doesn’t just have wine, either. The Copper Run Distillery is located in Walnut Shade along an alternative route on the path. It’s known for its aged whiskey and unaged whisky, famously known as moonshine. You’ll find 80-proof and 120-proof batches when you visit.

The Hermann Wine Trail

The Hermann Wine Trail offers beautiful views along with many different historic wineries containing a large selection of wines. One of the most popular trails is the Chocolate Wine Trail, which Hermann Wine Trails hosts every February. It’s a romantic Valentine’s Day tradition, which comes with chocolate and wine pairings at several stops during the trail.

Love wine trail events? The Hermann Wine trail also hosts a Say Cheese Wine Trail during December, which pairs wine with cheese. If you go during July, you can try the Berries & BarBQ wine trail, and the Wild Bacon Wine Trail happens in May.

The Augusta Wine Trail

Wine history lovers will appreciate The Augusta Wine Trail. It’s home to the first American Viticultural Area, or AVA, in America, meaning it’s the first designated grape growing area in the country. It has four wineries that touch corners, and all the wine created here comes purely from the grapes grown in the area.

German settlers arrived in the 1800s and made the area their home. They created a new way of life centered around all things wine, starting with growing the grapes and creating a Missouri Winery. The Augusta Wine Trail still has cozy farmlands and buildings that preserve its German heritage.

Photo by RagainAdventures.com

The Kansas City Wine Trail

If you plan on seeing all the Missouri wine trails, you have to see the Kansas City Wine Trail. The trail starts in Kansas City, and you’ll hit 9 different wineries weaving through Waverly, Missouri. If you’re looking for a place to stay on the trail, the Albonee Country Inn & Winery has a Bed and Breakfast on the property where you can enjoy a bottle of wine in the gazebo.

Terre Beau Winery, another stop on the trail, has a pre-civil war church built in 1858. The chapel was purchased and remodeled for the Winery in 2005. Go visit the winery and see the pre-civil war era homes that are over 150 years old.

The Missouri River Wine Trail

The Missouri River Wine Trail is a beautiful, scenic wine trail that has 7 different wineries running through the trail. One of our favorites is the Les Bourgeois Vineyard, which gives you a world-class winery experience along the Missouri River. The iconic Les Bourgeois A-frame is a popular destination for travelers and offers the perfect Instagram-ready photo op against the river.

You’ll also find the Canterbury Hill Winery, which is part Missouri winery, and part restaurant. On any given night, you’ll find live entertainment or a murder mystery event. It’s a great social atmosphere, and you’ll almost certainly leave with new friends.

There’s so much to do in Missouri, and the wine trails are just one of the attractions. You could spend a whole vacation along just a single wine trail, as some of them also have inns, restaurants, and other entertainment. You can’t go wrong!

Have you visited these Missouri Wine Trails? Was there one we missed? Let us know your experience in the comments below. For more travel ideas, visit our blog.

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