Top 5 Best Beaches in Florida for 2022

Florida is undoubtedly the most remarkable state of the United States, and for all the right reasons. This sunshine state is home to a plethora of attractions to keep the visitors busy throughout the year. But if there is one thing that Florida is most noticeable for, it’s the beaches. Floridian beaches are said to be the best in the whole country – some are even prominent around the world. Paired with beautiful weather conditions, the beaches in Florida are sure to give you an unforgettable experience. If you are wondering which of the beaches to visit in Florida in 2022, here is the list that identifies the best 5 of them:

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Miami Beach

Miami Beach tops the list whenever we talk about the Floridian beaches, and no wonder why! The beach features golden sand overlooking blue waters, making it a spectacular sight to witness. Pair this view with plenty of sunshine, and voila, you’ll have an ideal beach vacation at your disposal. Another thing that makes Miami Beach attractive among all is the chances of spotting your favorite celebrity. Miami Beach also hosts the annual swim week that adds to its already charming vibes. Learn more about Miami and its beaches here. 

Clearwater Beach

Imagine crystal clear water, so blue in color, backed by a white stretch of sand, unreal, isn’t it? You can witness this view only at Clearwater Beach in Florida. The beauty of this beach is so unmatched that many people find themselves relaxing by the beach for hours and not getting tired of it. The beach doesn’t only just offer its picturesque scenery. You can also enjoy activities such as fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. And don’t miss out on the fresh fruit juices while you take a stroll along the beach. Learn more about Clearwater Beach here. 

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Fort Lauderdale Beach

Another crowded beach in Florida is Fort Lauderdale Beach, located in the busy area of Fort Lauderdale. Visit the beach early morning, and you’ll notice a sea of people walking or jogging along the boardwalk or some even soaking up the sunshine. The beach is ideal for swimming, and you can enjoy many other adventurous activities here, including snorkeling, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Fort Lauderdale Beach also hosts street performances, concerts, and parties throughout the year, especially on New Year’s Eve, when the whole town gets together to celebrate the beginning of the New Year. Learn more about Fort Lauderdale Beach here. 

Cocoa Beach

For the best surfing experience, head out to the famous Cocoa Beach in Florida. Cocoa Beach offers gentle waves – suitable for both intermediate and experienced surfers. Kiteboarding is another activity that visitors enjoy at the beach. The beach is suitable for a day trip, especially for families. There are some space-themed, art and natural sciences museums nearby that your kids are absolutely going to love. If you wish to stay here for a night, there are many hotels surrounding Cocoa Beach. We visited Cocoa Beach while we were staying in Port Canaveral before our last cruise.  Check out our vlog for lots of ideas of what to do in the Port Canaveral area. Learn more about Cocoa Beach here. 

Bowman Beach

Bowman Beach is the one where you’ll not find crowds. This secluded beach is ideal for those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of cities. The beach’s coastline attracts hundreds of windsurfers and sailors and those who are into canoeing. There is another thing that this beach is famous for, collecting shells. If you are interested in picking up conches and cockles, you should not miss Bowman Beach. No matter what you wish to do here, the Bowman beach is perfect in every way, and you’ll surely cherish your time spent here. Learn more about Bowman Beach here. 

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