American Tractor Museum in Perryville Missouri

In this video we will tour the American Tractor Museum in Perryville, Missouri. The video will show the floor and then highlight historic or unique tractors. Tractors in this video include:
Fordson F, Built 1937, Serial #812509
CO-OP #1 Orchard, Built 1933, Serial #402300
"New Model" Cape Threshing Machine
A Steam Engine Tractor
Oliver-77, Built 1951, Serial # 337274/C77-D, Used in the Movie about Johnny Cash, "Walk the Line"
GO 14-28 G, Built 1919, Serial #512
Illinois 18-30 Super Drive Model C, Built 1919, Serial #1580
Rumely X 25-40, Built 1928, from the "lightweight" series, Serial #X86
Twin City JTS Standard, Built 1937, Serial #JT6000-418
Fordson E27N, Built 1950
Centaur Orchard Model KV, Built 1935, Serial #237159

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